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There were two builders. So much about them was the same:

Both built a house. Both completed their house. Both took refuge in their house. Both buckled down as a violent storm bashed against their home. And both foundations were shaken.

So, what's the difference between them? The Word.

"Everyone then who HEARS these words of mine and DOES THEM will be likened to one who builds on ROCK." Matthew 7:24-27

Not just hearing the Word, but... Doing the Word. Sticking to the Word Obeying the Word Uncompromised Non-negotiable

Those who HEAR and DO the Word have a solid, immovable, unshifting foundation. When the storm comes, when trials bash against the roof, when the temptation to sway from Truth shakes the frame, when life happens and smears its grubby hands on your windows, she will not be moved. She is planted as a tree abiding in Living Water.

Why do we trumpet and exhort and encourage and pursue the Word with a relentless ferocity? Why do we care about sticking our face and tieing our hearts to the Scriptures? Why is this ancient book relevant in these dark days of mediocrity?

Because, the transforming heart-knowledge of who the Lord is, what He has done for you, His character, His sovereignty, His Kingship, His Lordship, His Glory, the Mystery of Godliness, the security of your adoption into the family, your future and your hope compels you to DO the WORD. Every jot. Every tittle. Every command. The gospel of immovable truths propels you to live and move and have your being in Jesus.

Keep your FEET planted on the full counsel of the WORD and you will not be shaken. You can not be moved.

Do not just listen to God's word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. James 1:22

There were two builders Two houses The storm came for both. Only one endured to the end.

Oh, may we have ears to HEAR and DO! 💓

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