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Ezekiel was given a title by the Lord in chapter 3: The Watchman. What did a city watchman do in Bible times? Two things: To watch and warn of the coming enemy and to declare the time of day.

This job came with instructions:

Step One: Consume God's Word "Eat the scroll." Put it in your mouth to sanctify the well from which your words are drawn from. Meditate, know, study the Word. vs. 1-2

Step Two: Share God's Word "GO and SPEAK with My Words..." We need to have His words on our hearts and our lips. (See Step One) vs. 4

Step Three: Accountable with God's Word "I have made you a Watchman." Ezekiel was accountable for the Word he was to speak, to warn Israel of coming trouble and remind them that time was short. vs. 16-21

He was NOT responsible for HOW the lost people responded to the Word, (a good thing!) but he WAS responsible to open his mouth and let the truth out.

This is a sobering reminder.

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