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Every Place

When Joshua found himself at the helm of the nation of Israel, the Lord tucked a promise in his pocket. He said, "Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you." Joshua 1:3

Sounds great! But wait... if you slow down and look at the tenses in this verse, something incredible emerges. Check it out:

Every place that the sole of your foot WILL TREAD upon *Future tense*

I HAVE GIVEN to you *Past tense*

The same is true for us.

When the Lord commissions us to step out in faith, we go knowing that through the victory of the cross, our path is smoothed before us. Jesus has gone before us and he will go with us as our right guard, our fortress, our Deliverer.

Yes, the land is full of war and giants, and enemies. Spiritual warfare is fierce. But, there isn't a stronghold or enemy with the advantage because of Calvary. All are a defeated foe.

Every place you step is yours: This is true.

But like Joshua, you must participate, trust the Lord, keep your nose in the Word and DO IT, and stay the course.

This is the abundant life. Walk in it.

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