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Spill It

The Lord loves to hear His people pray. I think if we really understood what prayer does in the heavens, we would never get off our face.

Among the graceful, powerful prayers scrolled throughout the Word, one caught my heart.

A desperate father sought help for his son.

Jesus struck up an intimate conversation with him, drawing him out with questions. He wanted the father to tell him

directly what the need was, what was on his heart, what he feared.

"If you can do anything..." the father pleaded.

And Jesus replied, "All things are possible for one who believes."

Now, imagine being this father. He wanted his son delivered, healed, whole. But the price for restoration was faith. Jesus could do it, he knew. That's why he brought his son in the first place. But did he believe it? Did he?

The father, caught between two truths burst out an honest, raw, genuine, five-word prayer. Check it out:

"I believe! Help my unbelief." Mark 9:24

This, my friends, is incredibly honest. Don't we hang between these daily? I believe, Lord. Help me believe! This is the tension between flesh and spirit, physical and spiritual, heaven and earth.

We do not need to articulate prayer like Daniel or Ezra for heaven to bend its ear. Jesus wants an intimate conversation. He wants your heart. He wants the raw, dirty, truth. He is your High Priest. He will translate what you need to the Father. Just spill it. This. This is a powerful prayer.

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1 Comment

Barbara Crawford
Barbara Crawford
Oct 08, 2020

That is so true! In my life prayer has made all the difference!

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